6 Ways that Smart Phones Make Moving to Oklahoma City a Thousand Times Better

Using Smartphone for MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to Oklahoma City used to contain far more uncertainty and -- let's not pretend -- long boring hours than it can today. Think about moving during a decade as recent as the 90s. Basic internet, no mobile phones. You had to look for moving companies via the phone book and assume which one was the best. Choosing a restaurant for moving night included a collection of compiled takeout menus or perhaps driving all over to determine what was available. And during your long-distance moving journey? No smartphone to check in, book hotels, or even enjoy podcasts with.

As helpful as cell phones were, the progression of smartphones really has made the complete moving process a thousand times better. Let us take a brief glance at all the ways a "simple" smartphone can be used to make your move to Oklahoma City easier, less dangerous, and more gratifying all in one tiny plastic case.

Looking into the Move

Many people browse apartments using their smartphones long before they ever begin the moving process. And when you've got a new residence selected, you will likely use your cell phone to research professional moving companies, packing tactics, and purchase supplies online. Your smartphone can also be used to locate charities and pick-up services to deal with your donations and trash you may be leaving behind.

Navigating the Road Trip

Following, you might naturally need to check out your course to Oklahoma City. A smartphone along with built-in GPS is the perfect dash nav in the event your vehicle doesn't have one built in. You just need a magnetic or clamping dash bracket and a continuous source of power to your phone. Using Google Maps or an equivalent application, it is simple to direct yourself safely along known roadways all the way from your previous home to the new one without a risk of getting lost.

Selecting Stops During the Trip

Certainly, the phone is useful for not just a map and directions. You might use modern applications to discover places to eat, places to stay, along with fun sites to stop during the trip. And the route updates in the event you move off-course or would like to incorporate a detour, which is amazingly helpful when compared with paper road maps or old-fashioned printed MapQuest directions.

Keeping in Touch with Your Movers

While you are traveling to the new location, so are your professional movers. And you will find a lot of cases in which you should convey messages one direction or another. In case you are detained on the way, you may need to inform your movers of the delay. Likewise, they could need to call you if there was a bump, bad weather, or holdup on their journey.

A smartphone permits you and the moving company to remain in touch as well as organize your arrivals even if both parties are individually on the road.

Responding to Emergencies

Then, at times, there are roadside problems. If you get a flat tire, see a vehicle accident, or get caught in a weather event during your excursion; that smartphone can be your lifeline. Using a smartphone, it is possible to call AAA, 911, or your mom hinging on what sort of crisis transpires.

You may also promptly find yourself accommodations, request an auto mechanic to pick up and fix your automobile, and get back on the road merely by walking to the closest McDonalds and using the free of charge WIFI. That's probably the best thing of all concerning moving with the power of a smartphone.

Entertainment on Vacant Home Day

However your experience is simply not done when you arrive at your new house. Typically, the person moving arrives at the house prior to the moving truck arrives. Thus, you may find yourself with some hours in an empty house with nothing to unpack and no one to visit. That's okay, as you have a smartphone.

Modern streaming applications make it feasible to amuse yourself for countless hours with very little except a small to medium-sized mobile phone. And in case you brought a tablet or laptop computer along on the move, all the better. With virtually any mobile device, you'll be able to transform tedious Vacant Home Day to a time of enjoyment and amusement. Watching movies, playing games, or having a big-empty-floor boogie event while you have the optimal chance.

Calling for First-Night Takeout

Last but not least, there is the question of what you are going to eat on that primary night. Whether you're in an echoing empty property or perhaps encompassed by packed cartons, it's likely that you aren't in the mood to prepare a meal. Ahead of smartphones, you may have to drive all over to find out what is available. Currently, it's easy to search for nearby dining places which deliver and have a yummy supper get there hot to your new doorstep in under an hour.


Moving to Oklahoma City may be stress filled customarily, yet your future move needn't be all that troublesome. With preparing, a cool head, plus a smartphone in hand you'll be able to take on the world.


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