Does Moving to Oklahoma City Really Have to be so Stressful?

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving can be one of the most nerve-racking things you have to do. It eats up your spare time, and while it works out in the end, it can result in the desire to find a punching bag or take up yoga.

As a professional moving company in Oklahoma City, we've seen a myriad of moves, both simple and frenzied, and we have some suggestions to help you steer clear of the tension of moving.

1. Recognize that the tension exists. Suppressing that you are currently stressed could make you more stressed. Stress is normal and natural and working through it will require admitting it's there.

2. Give yourself plenty of time to get everything handled. It may take many people 2 days to pack up a studio or one bedroom, 3 to 4 for 2 bedrooms, or five to six for three bedrooms. When you have a lot of stuff, then it may take a bit longer. If you have to get moving cartons, make sure to order or buy them well in advance, and have a strategy for in case you run out. Check with your local moving company in Oklahoma City, because they may have used boxes available. Plan the utility switch well in advance. You should also allow a few days to clean the home you will be leaving.

3. Create a plan. Work out how you should arrange things to get the best results. Some people will need loads of to-do lists, lots of people could search for a moving app for their smartphone. Establish deadlines for each stage of the move and set them early enough that blowing them isn't going to be a tragedy. Furthermore have a detailed approach for what's going inside which carton. Label your boxes clearly and also consistently, to help you explain those tags to the movers. Tag all that is delicate. Organize precisely what space everything is going into in the new place and tag cartons properly. Most movers will happily set all things designated "K" in the kitchen area for you.

4. Never be reluctant to ask for support or work with a moving company to help. Do not do everything by yourself. Younger children may also help, although you may need to find appropriate bribes to encourage them. Ask your friends and relatives for help. Hire professional movers in Oklahoma City for help with the bulky items, though, rather than depending on anyone's goodwill. If you are busy and might have the funds for it, take into account getting the moving company to accomplish some or all the packing as well.

5. Be ready to let items go. Moving can be an excuse to shed items that happen to be sitting in your residence a long time because of absolute inertia. In case you have a worn-out furniture item, now may be the time to kick it to the curb and buy a replacement once you move. Gadgets that do not function? Books you haven't read in a decade? Things you utterly forgot you had? Sell whatever you can and give away the remaining. Select a charitable organization which does pick up if you can.

6. Make sure to allow for downtime. Moving can take over your life. Many people find they don't have time to receive ample slumber during the move. Or they never do anything whatsoever except work, move, and be worried about the move. Grant a bit of slack in your timetable allowing you to head out for supper, take the youngsters to a fun activity, etc.

7. When transferring to a different community or a new city, take some time looking for dining establishments you merely need to try, sights you wish to go to. Create a list of these dining places and pick one you undoubtedly like the idea of, then arrange to visit the day after you move whenever you don't have your kitchen unpacked yet.

8. Remain in shape. Moving boxes can help your exercise regime, but if you do a morning walk, keep doing your morning routine. If you must pack your exercise equipment, consider a temporary substitute. Maybe obtain a free trial at a fitness center. At the minimum, take a swift stroll every day to emerge from the moving tasks. Workouts are proven to lessen stress.

Moving is usually nerve-racking, nevertheless the 8 ideas in this article can help you reduce the stress and transform it into an adventure. Bear in mind that professional movers can help with as much or as little of the move as required, and your local mover in Oklahoma City may be a terrific resource for everything from suggestions to moving materials. Furthermore, don't forget this is a short-term situation and your life is going to return to normal in no time.


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