Don't Unpack Anything! First, Make These Ten New Home Fixes

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Congrats! You have the documents as well as the keys; the lights and utilities are on and the moving company in Oklahoma City is going to be there soon to move your items in your new location. You have a thousand boxes (or more it seems), bags, crates, pieces of furniture, electronic devices, household pets, and plants to achieve the perfect locations to make this new house feel like home.

However before you carry anything away from the van, unpack a box or hang a picture, are you positive with regards to the safety, security, and cleanliness of your new place? Did you examine and assess everything before saying, "I love it! I will get it!" Did you assume because the abode is new and you are the original occupant, everything was okay without having a second look? Investigating your new residence prior to when the professional movers in Oklahoma City arrive and while it's empty to fix troubles now, is simpler and cheaper than hoping to repair difficulties afterwards, which can entail moving furniture or replacing damaged property.

Here are 10 solutions prior to when the moving van pulls in:

Open up wide, now close - when you can

Windows that don't open or close completely, absent locks, busted sashes, are more than only a bother; they are a safety threat. In a fire, your only departure place could be the nearby window, and if you can't utilize it (or first responders can't get to you), you have a life and death situation. Broken windows can also be an invitation to intruders to come inside and take what's not theirs. Windows that won't close completely permit heated air to leave in winter and cool air during the warm months, costing you additional money on your electric or gas bill and allowing flying pests in the house.

Lacking, broken doors and locks

Doors locks which do not work are an "Enter here, take the things you want" invite to thieves. Doors which are poorly installed, warped or leave excessive space between the door and also the frame likewise allow cold or hot air to get out, increasing your electric or gas costs.

Grimy ductwork

Air ducts need maintaining before a move in, especially for allergy sufferers. Swap all the air filters. Debris, allergens, pet dander, hair, spider webs, and bugs collect within these ducts, and expert cleanup may be worth the expense of clean air and living allergen-free.

Insect issues (in and out)

The majority of infestation troubles begin outdoors and move in the house, due to openings at your residence (cement cracks, faulty windows or doors, roof leaks) but some, such as German roaches, proliferate in appliances, suitcases, and household furniture as well as resist store-bought treatment. The work of a trustworthy pest management company won't just get rid of the situation, but frequent treatment stops pests from coming back.

That unusual smoky stink; it's everywhere!

Cigarette smoke is invasive and hard to clean, especially when it comes to fabrics at your residence, such as carpets and drapes and window treatments. Open up all windows to air out the home as much as you can. Engage an expert cleanup company to clean carpets and window treatments and also wipe down all walls with white vinegar to neutralize the smell.

Appliance issues

From stovetop burners that stay cold to washing machines that won't turn on, major appliance issues are a frustration. It takes money and time to replace these things and plan shipping and set up; test all the appliances prior to move in, so you understand before hand what you should remedy and what to upgrade.

Structural integrity

Irregular floor surfaces, water-damaged walls, cracked cement, missing roofing shingles, and various other structure troubles tend to be indications of bigger and more expensive problems. Understand prior to spending your primary night what calls for repairs at this moment, or you may encounter higher priced repairs down the road.

Serious aesthetic considerations

For those who can't stand the paint hue within a space, ought to refinish flooring surfaces or repair walls, paint, stain, and repair before the moving company shows up with your stuff, preferably, so you will not be moving pieces of furniture or living with covered furnishings or chemical fumes along the way.

Drainage issues

Check out gutters and downspouts; clean them prior to when you move in, during good weather, so you aren't stuck on a step ladder in a thunderstorm, scraping leaves and twigs out.

Electrical and plumbing troubles

Be weary of overflowing toilets or slow-draining sinks or showers; these may be a sign of plumbing in need of cleaning or upgrading. Water pooling for long durations in the yard may suggest a busted or seeping water pipe below ground. Assess each electrical socket and every light switch for proper operation. Examine all electrical wires for signs of fraying and replace burned-out lightbulbs with efficient CFL or LED versions.

As a professional moving company in Oklahoma City, we've seen residences in all sorts of conditions, and we know that there are a few issues, including the ones talked about here, which are much better to tackle in advance of moving into your new house.


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