Moving & Thanksgiving - Part 2: 4 Fantastic Tips for Hosting a Happy Thanksgiving Even Though You Just Moved to Oklahoma City

Hosting Thanksgiving after movingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Relocating before the holidays creates various strains and challenges that are distressing for many different reasons. The concept of hosting Thanksgiving just after the professional movers have left might seem preposterous, but it's pretty simple to pull off by using a few alterations. In part one of this two-part blog series, we outlined "why" you'll want to host Thanksgiving just after the moving company in Oklahoma City has delivered your things. In this post, we explore "how" you may best host the holiday. So, in this light, the following are four fabulous tips and tricks for hosting a successful Thanksgiving celebration regardless that you have just moved.

1. Turkey in a Box?

The term "turkey in a box" is one I first heard my Mother use right after her recent retirement. My Mother is (and always has been) the "hostess with the most-ess," however as she continues to age, putting together a complete Thanksgiving banquet is just not in her wheelhouse anymore. Still eager to have the perfect holiday dinner hosted at her residence, she's resorted to the boxed options available at a lot of retail shopping places. You will find good reasons why these types of pre-packaged dinners are growing in interest including:

· A lot of these traditional turkey dinners have all the fixings like stuffing, gravy and pecan pie for dessert

· Other choices often include beef, ham or vegetarian possibilities for the main course including appropriate trimmings

· The meals are frequently pre-cooked in addition to ready which means they only call for a little heating or chilling prior to serving

· Ingredients frequently are available in microwave-safe containers making warming them a breeze

· The ability to purchase them in advance and perhaps, you can have these boxed foods brought to your doorstep

For people who have just moved to Oklahoma City a short while ago, you needn't locate all the required cooking utensils, roasting dishes, pots and pans so that you can make everything that is frequently expected in a Thanksgiving dinner considering this alternative.

2. Potluck Options

This option is one that's relished and embraced by so many families throughout the holidays and this is the perfect possibility to institute a potluck platform for Thanksgiving. This idea is well-liked because it brings dishes to the table that are special favorites by those people who cook them like "Grandmother's Spectacular Apple Pie" or perhaps "Auntie Edna's Sensational Stuffing" also keep in mind "Uncle Ernie's Outstanding Deviled Egg Hors d'oeuvers."

For people who have recently moved to Oklahoma City and might not have a plethora of dishes or flatware accessible, requests for these things can be instituted as an element of a potluck request. As an example, if Grandma is bringing her amazing apple pie, request that she in addition bring dessert plates and forks along with her dessert. There's also paper or plastic plates and utensils which can be used given that friends and family members understand the fact your household just relocated.

3. Renting and Borrowing

If Thanksgiving happens right after you've just moved and some of your bulkier stuff like furniture are still kept in storage, don't worry because you can always rent or borrow things like chairs and tables. Take into consideration your friends or relatives such as your older bro who has a large truck plus a kitchen table that may be easily transportable. What about your neighbor who is going on vacation for the holiday and could have these things available for you to borrow?

If you are going down the rental road, you'll want to get hold of these places soon as holidays and special occasions are always a busy time for them. However, many of these companies are generally well-stocked with chairs and tables as this is the bread-and-butter of their market.

4. An Alternate Place

The word "host" has many definitions from being the dwelling for a parasite to a place who offers a facility and site for a specific function as well as individuals who serve as a master of ceremonies. But, the meaning, "an individual that receives or entertains visitors socially, commercially, or officially" pertains in this case. As you will notice, the word home or house doesn't appear as a part of this definition.

So technically, an individual can host a Thanksgiving meal without preparing the meal themselves or furnishing the place where it will be consumed. Consider many restaurants as well as other places which are open on this holiday to serve your friends and relatives. While exploring for possibilities on the internet which are available, you'll find spots including local casinos that provide all-you-can-eat buffets as an affordable pick.

A Concluding Motivational Moment

Even if you do not use any of these solutions to host your holiday meal, the arrival of Thanksgiving may perhaps motivate those who have recently moved to Oklahoma City to unbox their stuff sooner rather than later. Hosting this celebration can be an excellent way to invite your family and friends to check out your new domicile making your new residence feel more like home.

And so, in summary, Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Oklahoma City! Here's hoping you unquestionably enjoy all the gratitude you will feel when surrounded by friends and family inside your new location throughout the holiday season.


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