Not Feeling Festive? Tips for Managing Your First Holiday in a New City

Moving over the holidaysBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group

It is your first Christmas after moving to Oklahoma City, and you can already tell the holiday doldrums will hit harder and sooner this year. The professional movers in Oklahoma City have hardly left from unloading your possessions and now, not just must we deal with limited sunlight throughout the holidays, however when you are apart from your old pals, family members, and also traditions, it is like a triple whammy for your emotional well-being. There are certain things you can do to ease your gloominess with not being "home" for the holidays, covering anything from small gestures to big travels.

One important thing that can be done to keep the post-moving blues away is to make sure that you get an abundance of sunlight and physical activity. Take walks when you can and get ample exercise indoors if you're unable to be outside. Research shows that endorphins help to make us feel a lot better, and exercise floods your system with those little goodies.

Send out a Family Newsletter and Change of Address Notes

If you've not sent change of address cards to your friends, now's the time. Snap a photo of the family and your new house and include a chatty newsletter regarding all your "news"--house, city, job, schools. Sharing with your old buddies concerning your new life could put a grin on your face--it's bittersweet, no doubt, but will help you move forward.

Be sure that your youngsters understand that Santa is getting the change of address info, also. Put a copy of the family newsletter with their letters to Santa, and when they get older, frame the two as a keepsake.

Get Involved—Volunteer

You can find sufficient possibilities to become involved in your new area through schools, church, and non-profit organizations, and the holiday season is the same. Take a look at local social media pages for groups which suit you and your family, and organize a Saturday wrapping presents or an evening in a soup kitchen.

A lot of neighborhood groups provide people the ability to supply Christmas for disadvantaged kids and households, and this is a wonderful way of getting your young ones engaged. Take them shopping with you--consult their suggestions about colors and styles, toys and games, and let them select a couple of gifts. Various groups request that you bring in unwrapped items. If you're wrapping the presents, have your kids pick out gift wrap or gift bags. Don't forget to label wrapped items with names and sizes.

Without becoming too schmaltzy about it, this type of family task does wonders towards improving teenage attitudes--of course, your children are surely feeling sorry for themselves, missing their old friends, however serving other folks will go quite a distance when it comes to putting things back into perspective.

Take a Holiday Getaway

In England, a holiday really is a vacation. If you're unable to dive into the spirit of the season in your new city, and you can't get back to relatives and friends, have a holiday--blow the entire thing off. This course primarily works if no one is genuinely anticipating Santa (however with overnight shipping and delivery almost anywhere, why not), or you're not flying on your vacation--hauling along all the presents means substantial checked baggage fees. Below are some tips on a holiday getaway.

· Local resort--a vacation resort of some sort is inside of a day's drive of just about any place in the nation. These possibilities contain recreation for the children and also grown-ups (supervised for children, adults not as much), fabulous decorations, excellent dinners, along with a nice break from the routine. Try to find things like decorating gingerbread houses, Yule log hunts, sleigh rides with hot chocolate, and building sandcastles on the beach--depending on where you go.

· Island escape--when you consider the total expenses across the holidays, a tropical vacay might not be as outrageous as you assume. Without a doubt, it is a relatively large amount, but if you carry out the math on trees, presents, entertaining, new apparel for events, decorations, and anything else, that's typically a shocking number, as well. This is a better option with older kids, that will amuse themselves whilst you take it easy.

· Christmas in the city--if you have watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and dreamed about Christmas in New York, turn this into the year you are going. Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Nashville are also places which can be ideal for the holidays.

Choosing a break out of your standard holiday routines can help you through this transitional year. Should you be still struggling with the doldrums and can't manage to shake them, get some professional assistance. At times moving to Oklahoma City has more of an effect than you anticipate, and it requires more than a vacation and a shopping trip to help you feel better.


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