Our Top 5 Restaurant Suggestions in Oklahoma City

delicious food awaits you in Oklahoma CityDid you just move to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? We’re happy to have you! We think you’ll agree, if you don’t know already, that there are heaps of great places waiting for you to discover in our community: museums, monuments, parks, trails, and, oh, so much more! We expect, though, that you’re most curious about the key thing people typically desire to know after moving to Oklahoma City: where can I go to get really good food? Well, Oklahoma City won’t let you down! We’ve got your favorite chain restauarants, to begin with. But, yeah, everyone knows those can get a little boring after a while. So we at A-1 Freeman Moving Group would like to put forward a few of our favorite Oklahoma City eating establishments; places with great food and a plethora of local atmosphere that we’re pretty confident you’ll like as well:

  • Cheever’s Café – For some good tasting comfort food, stop in to Cheever’s Café. They’ve got the soups, salads, and sandwiches to fill you up and leave you satisfied. Top it off with an amazing dessert, and you’re evening will be perfect. As a member of the Good Egg Dining Group, you know that the food will be excellent and the service will match.
  • Shorty Small’s – Burgers, steaks, BBQ, chicken fingers and more all await you at Shorty Small’s. It’s the perfect place to go for dinner when you want a large selection with taste to match. This is down home cooking at its finest.
  • Hideaway Pizza – Garlic knots, fried mushrooms, cheesy garlic bread, meatballs; and that’s just the starters you’ll find at Hideaway Pizza! They follow up that act with 25 specialty pizzas to choose from along with baked pasta, sandwiches, and desserts. You have to give the Big Country pizza a try.
  • Crabtown – For some of the best seafood in town, look no further than Crabtown. You’ll find all your favorite mainstays such as catfish tenders, clam chowder, shrimp boils, and, of course, crab dishes galore! Don’t miss out on trying the Cajun Crab, it’s fantastic.
  • Waffle Champion – Have you ever had a waffle sandwich? If not, you need to! At the Waffle Champion, you pick out your “bun”, pick a filling, and you’re good to go. Featuring the classic chicken and waffles while also providing a fun twist with the cheeseburger mac, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Don’t limit yourself to just these, though! There are so many other great places to eat here in Oklahoma City that it’ll take a long time before you run out of new options! After you’ve visited a handful of them, we’re sure you’ll find a few favorite restaurants of your own.

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