Should I DIY My Office Move?

Office MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

In a word, no. In more words, let's count the ways.

Moving to a fresh business space in Oklahoma City is a wonderful thing--it suggests your company is successful and growing. It is also a pain, because you have got to pack pretty much everything up and move it to the new space. In tangible terms this suggests a little downtime for the move prep, transport, and setting everything back up in the brand new space. It also suggests more outlay of money at the moment when you are already paying out considerable money for an office uplift, so you might be tempted to save some cash by packing and moving yourself.

Your Investment Is Really Worth Professional Packing

Do not attempt to DIY this item. Businesses nowadays run using technology, and the components of that technology have got a sensitivity which belies their workhorse capabilities. The only feasible approach you could pack up all your hardware is if you set aside all the original packaging from all your purchases. And also if you know how to repack in reverse. Face it--you didn’t, and you wouldn't know if you had.

Ask your accountant just how much you have allocated to hardware and also equipment--that round number ought to be adequate to sway you that employing professional movers in Oklahoma City is really worth the expense. If it's not, ask your insurance company if they're going to pay for any damages you incur should you drop your new laptop or 3D printer--they may likely pay for losses, after the hefty deductible.

The Pros Understand

Professional office moving companies possess the knowledge, materials, and equipment to pack all of the sensitive devices and also not-so-delicate large pieces of furniture. Since you didn't keep hold of all the cartons and padding materials, you need more of them to pack and secure all your technology. Professional packers recognize which materials to make use of and have the means to access industrial supplies (stuff like shaped cardboard) which supply companies tend not to typically maintain in supply.

They also know how to fabricate boxes, crates, and cushioning to move the big stuff, including gigantic copiers, appliances, and file cabinets and put them onto the moving van properly.

Talking about trucks. There is an art in addition to a science to recognizing not merely the quantity you'll need, but what kind. In case you are moving heavy components, you could possibly need to have a moving van with a lift gate and a crew who knows the way to lift and load without hurting themselves. Plus there is the actual loading--packing the cargo area to ensure that nothing shifts, drops, or breaks in the course of transport is a task of engineering best not left to amateurs.

Minimize Your Downtime

There will be unavoidable downtime. It is possible to reduce a little of that through moving during the weekend, but plan to be offline for at least a few days. An office moving company in Oklahoma City can reduce your downtime further because you will not be taking workers away from their day to day tasks or risking injury.

You and the team will be a great deal less burdened if you shift the whole move over to a trusted professional office moving company and eradicate lots of needless tension and time away from work. As soon as the professional movers come in, there's a flow along with a system that ensures there's nothing forgotten or left up until the final minute--the coffee pot, hand sanitizers, and hidden snack stashes should get to the new place secure. How can you tell this will happen? Simply because they're experts.

The logistics of a business move are complex and the entire thing may go off the rails should you miss a detail. Obtaining a good office moving company in Oklahoma City to manage your move, from helping you set up a timeline to plugging the coffee pot back in, is the key to ensuring you have a effortless move.


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