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The Mickelson Family
“Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.”
Don P.
“We just completed a move from Bartlesville, Oklahoma to Montgomery, Texas with your company -- and we want to share what a good experience it was. Every step of the way was handled in a very professional manner -- by very friendly people. Rob McDow did our estimate -- and his professional approach is what beat the competitors and won the job. John P coordinated everything extremely well and was very conscientious -- initiating several contacts just to see how things were going. Jessica answered our financial questions and even came up with a couple of adjustments that were very helpful -- and were processed immediately. Priscilla and her crew of Tori and Allison packed us up efficiently and effectively. Mike Wilkinson was a great driver -- actually showing up early on both ends -- worked very hard and efficiently -- and was very conscientious about our belongings. Mike's Bartlesville team of Dustin, Kellen and Dillon worked hard -- on a hot day -- loading our three story house. On this end, his team of Mark, Matt and Matthew got here early, worked fast and friendly -- and had us in by noon. On the whole, we couldn't have been more pleased with this move -- and we wanted to share this with you, as the general manager -- -- and hope you will share it with those mentioned and others who need to know how well these people represented your company. Thank you. Don and Pam”
“The Best Moving Company in Oklahoma City. Freeman was on time, did a wonderful job packing and loading. But most of all, they were very professional and courteous. Our move included several challenges, and all were met with "no problem, we can do that with no complaints. Moves are hard, but they made our move with ease. Thanks so much to Greg and his OKC crew and New Mexico crew.”
Stephen S.
Outstanding group of professionals who delivered our furniture and hundreds of boxes to our home and brought it all inside -- well-organized, efficient, friendly and, important to all of us: very careful with everything. We can recommend this firm to anyone moving in or out of Dallas; these folks are the best movers we've ever had.
“My Mom’s move from Texas to Washington was traumatic at best. Mom is approaching her 90th birthday and she’s lived in only 3 houses her entire 72 years of marriage. So you can only imagine how difficult it was for her to move to Washington, even if both of her kids and their families were there. Change is not easy for these warriors at this age. Both my brother and I were gravely concerned about the moving company. We actually interviewed 3 companies for this move (with one of them being way cheaper than the original estimate from A-1), but chose to go with A-1 Freeman, North American. When my family relocated to the northwest over 30 years ago, we used North American as well. In fact 2 other moves since, we always call on North American. We’ve always had good drivers and caring workers. However, this time was an exception. This move rated way high on the charts ranking “exceeding customers expectations” category! We can’t say enough about the driver, Todd and his crew. From the first moment he step on our property he assessed the situation understanding completely the difficulty of this move. He handled it beautifully! He respected mom’s wishes, he made sure she stayed in the loop, and the professionalism he and his crew used were amazing! When we arrived in Washington, we had to “shuttle” because of how the destination was set up. But Todd didn’t miss a beat. I thought there is no way we can have the same kind of attentive crew that he had in Dallas. Gee, I was wrong again! The crew here in Washington did an amazing job as well. I think the fact that these people treated everyone with the highest respect and concern was the homerun. That is something we don’t see a lot of these days in this fast paced world. They said “thank you”, “excuse me please” and a host of other grateful phrases that seem lost in today’s environment. I believe a great deal of this professional care was because of the leader….Todd. He demands the best of himself, his crew, and every situation. He is a jewel! A-1 is fortunate to have him. He certainly is a beacon for North American and A-1Freemen. Both my brother and I have run our own business, and we realize the value or damage employees can bring a company. We also recognize that it is these people who deal directly with your customers that will make or break the reputation one strives to have. Well, these guys were great! This experience was like no other. I am so thankful that Paul (our estimator) was so smooth and sure. He represented your company as the best in the business. And he’s right! Having you as the coordinator to solve any concern was amazing as well. The structure you have in place for your moves are excellent! It certainly gave me a peace knowing I could pick up the phone and reach you for anything. Thank you A-1 Freeman, North American Van Lines for such a wonderful experience during a very tough move. Please Beth, please forward this to your headquarters. People sometimes are quick to complain when something goes wrong, but fail to say thank you for a job well done! I want to make sure the President/CEO of your organization knows what a great job Todd, Paul, and the entire crew did for our move. Thanks again!”
Gail J.
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
Teresa D.
“A-1 is an excellent company to work with. The staff is friendly and happy, the movers on time and diligent, and they made a normally stressful event so easy. All we had to do was make our bed and enjoy our first night in our new home. We have used them twice in one pleased with the first move, we didn't hesitate to use then again”
Gina M.
“When preparing for a move of 1000+ miles, we considered four different options including a pod, self move with rental truck, relocation service, or full service. The full service move through A-1 Freeman was not only less expensive than some of the choices but was great all the way around. It was easy, and the office staff and the mover were all professional, helpful, and on time. Highly recommend A-1 and would definitely use them again!”
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