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September 18, 2019

Getting to the "Essentials" After Moving to Oklahoma City

Making Bed after MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Common sense would probably say that unpacking your cartons and setting up your household furniture needs to just go in reverse order from packing. And that's true, to an extent--the shampoo is generally last in, first out. However professional movers in Oklahoma City load trucks based on proportions and weight--not things you need right away. They should work with you to be sure that your fundamentals are loaded last, but you will very likely need to be accessible to help handle that task, since your moving company in Oklahoma City won't know the critical belongings from the everyday things without having your instruction.

Be sure to make space in your vehicle for the necessities, stow them there rather than adding them on the moving trucks. By doing this, you don't need to waste time for the boxes to unload, you are able to go ahead and place cartons where they should be or keep them within your automobile right up until you require them in order that they avoid getting lost in the mix.

Managing the Necessities

Modern technology has made handling a move so much easier--there are apps for everything from inventorying your pieces of furniture to locating your new favorite bistro. MagicPlan is an app that lets you virtually place your furniture in the new home, in order to direct the movers the location where the recliner--and other bulky furniture--go on moving day.

Aside from placing the sofa, these are the primary items to do--even when the professional movers in Oklahoma City are unloading the moving van.

· Put together beds--your mattress never looked as good as it will the day you've moved to a new house

· Put sheets on your beds

· Set up electronics--you do not have to wait around for the cable guy any longer, in most cities you are able to connect your modem and router and you are all set with your WiFi.

· Set up the kitchen essentials --coffee maker, toaster, and microwave oven

· Put towels and toiletries inside the bathrooms

Packing the Fundamentals

The takeaway below is that when you pack, you need to have a number of cartons, bins, or tote bags of fundamentals--which will be more than a change of outfits along with a toothbrush. Heading space by space, these are typically what could be regarded as "crucial" in the majority of families.


Moving is more art as opposed to science. In the event the outlook is for a bright and sunny day, don't count on it. Have extra shirts, jeans or shorts, and shoes on standby in the event you get soaked. Pack adequate clothes for two or three days for every family member--if one of you is fairly small, pack an extra diaper bag.


Distinguish the daily toiletries from the excess--this is not opportunity to deeply condition. Travel sizes are perfect for moving--proceed and pack the "genuine thing" so that you have no need to worry over moisturizing lotion. These are generally definite essentials --for a day or two.

· Toothbrush and toothpaste

· Bars of soap or body wash, and also washcloths.

· Shampoo and conditioner

· Hairbrushes, hair combs, plus a hair dryer

· Razors and shaving cream

· Lotions

· Pain relievers

· Band-aids

· Nail file or clippers--someone will certainly crack a fingernail with all the moving


Oddly enough, a lot of moving checklists don't incorporate bed sheets in the essentials-to-pack-at-the-last-minute. It's not necessary to wait to pack your bed sheets, if that carton is visibly labeled and easy to get into, you'll be able to sock those away at any time.

· Mattress pads and pillows

· Bed sheets, blankets, comforters

· Bath towels

· Shower curtains, hooks, and liners

· Bath mat

Kitchen space

· Coffeepot, microwave oven, toaster, juice machine

· Dishtowels, dish soap, dishwashing tabs

· Plates, utensils, drinking vessels --a picnic basket is great for a move

· Paper towels

· Trash can, trash bags

Cleaning Products

Chances are good that you'll want to at the very least wash down the counter surfaces and in the refrigerator prior to starting to put together any dinner. In case your new house is completely new, it's clean--yet probably has settled dust. Consult your real estate agent for a housecleaning recommendation to ensure your new home is shimmering when you move in; otherwise, be prepared to clean. After move-in, flooring surfaces often need some help... even if the moving company positioned some kind of floor protection on the pathways.

· Additional paper towels or cleaning cloths

· All-purpose spray cleansers, toilet cleaners

· Wet mop

· Anti-bacteria spray

· Vacuum cleaner

WiFi and Electronic devices

Even though installing the TV is probably not a huge objective, being sure that your WiFi will be operational is--a good number of people don't have land telephone lines any longer, and your cell company may not have wonderful service in your new locale. It is possible to grab the modem from your internet provider, or they are often equipped to drop it off just before your move--synchronize that with your realtor. Pack your router and other electronic necessities separately from all the additional equipment.

Chill out --You've Got Time Now

You've got all the time in the world to unpack in Oklahoma City and get settled, however that all relies upon obtaining a good night of sleep, a solid mug of coffee, and having the kids fed and busy the next day or two. Packing with unpacking as your intended purpose ensures you have everything you need until all that you want is unpacked and in its new position--and way less aggravating than burrowing through boxes looking for bedding in the middle of the night.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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