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February 25, 2019

Making Friends after Moving to Oklahoma City

Making Friends after MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving to Oklahoma City may be a anxious experience. Among the most difficult aspects of moving is without question making new friends and developing a social circle. It may be lonely without knowing anyone in town. The following five suggestions will help you significantly with making friends following moving to Oklahoma City.

Be in the Right Mindset

Making new friends after moving starts with possessing the appropriate attitude. It is easy to shy away from getting out there and communicating with people you don't know. Accomplishing this calls for work as well as the ability to move beyond your safe place. Lots of people are naturally apprehensive to some degree when you first speak with new folks. Nevertheless, if you'd like to build up your community group, you will need to conquer your concern and become used to talking to folks you have not encountered in the past. Once the movers have departed and you've had an occasion to unpack a little, introduce yourself to your next door neighbors. Bake some cupcakes for them or maybe take them a bottle of wine and get to know them. In case your children attend the same school, offer to carpool.

Volunteer or Visit Local Events

Volunteering is a fantastic technique to interact with people. You can expect to interact with people who are interested in helping others and are generally hoping to make a difference in the world. You can volunteer for a nearby charitable organization, school, fundraising event, or community organization.

Attending local events can also be a technique to connect with folks in your location. Join community barbecues, garage sales, wine sampling gatherings, after-school sports functions with your children, and so forth.

Discover Your Passion

After the dust has settled following your move to Oklahoma City, choose a hobby you like and connect with other people who share your passion. If you're into strength training or working out, enroll in a health club. If you like engaging in sports, frequent the neighborhood tennis or basketball court or a sporting arena and locate folks you could play with. If you are into participating in chess, find a chess club or play in a local chess contest. If you're a religious individual, find your local church, synagogue, temple, or area of worship. You may also find a faith group and take part in a Bible class. Should you be into motorcycles, find out if there's a motorcycle club or riding club. In case you don't have any particular hobby, you can find a group or class you may enroll in. Dance classes, yoga classes, baking classes, and meditation classes are a couple of examples.

Should you not discover any classes in your town, check out Meetup.com. You can find a myriad of area meetups, for instance book clubs or groups where people talk about company ideas. If you cannot locate anything you have an interest in, don't be reluctant to implement your own group!


Networking is an excellent method to develop new interactions. Check if any of your existing associates have relatives, friends, or associates in your new location. For those who have a new job, get to know your coworkers, invite them to hang out, and tell them to encourage their close friends to join. Or, find business affiliates in the new location applying social media, such as LinkedIn.

Frequent the Right Venues

When moving to Oklahoma City, it usually takes some time to locate spots which you are at ease visiting. Even so, once you do find the right venues, you'll be able to become friends with all the regulars. This isn't confined to coffee shops or taverns, although they are absolutely places where you can meet individuals. You can also try dog parks where you bring your dog or perhaps playgrounds that you take the kids. These are generally good places to hang out where you already know that you've got a shared interest together with the other individuals there.

If you are getting yourself ready for a long-distance move to Oklahoma City, let A-1 Freeman Moving Group help to make it more enjoyable. We can take care of the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on the essential stuff…. like making friends in your new area. Contact us today!


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The Mickelson Family
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