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Moving a Flat Screen Television to Oklahoma City

moving a flat screen TVBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Let's be honest. Quite a few belongings are easier to move as opposed to others. When you imagine items that are a pain to move, typically big, cumbersome items like the recliner or the refrigerator pop into your head. Flat screen TVs aren't necessarily heavy, but they do take some special attention to remain protected and unscathed while moving. Irrespective of whether you're moving yourself or getting a professional moving company in Oklahoma City to help, there are still things that you need to be aware of if moving your flat screen television. 


Prior to you making any moves on the way to packing up the TV, take a couple of quick photos of the different wires and connections so that you will have a visible blueprint while you are hooking everything back up when you get to your new residence. After that, carefully remove all wires and cables. Coil them up and fasten them with a twist tie or rubber band and pack them into a box. And, make sure you label the container. If the television includes a base or wall bracket, remove that too. Any of these items could be packed inside the same TV accessory box as the cables. Be sure and place all screws in baggies and yet again, label them. There's no need to have to guess which fasteners connect to which items when you are reassembling all the things at the destination, and with the craziness that generally arises close to moving day, you shouldn't count exclusively on your recollection when it comes to ensuring everything gets put together as it had been before. Additionally, while you are on it, put any remotes in your TV accessory carton, also. 


With any kind of good luck, you had moving day in your thoughts as you purchased your flat screen TV, and thus, you saved the original TV box and inserts. However, should you be like most individuals, you did not want a massive useless carton filling your car port or attic, so you disposed of it (hopefully by way of recycling). In the event the later is the situation, you can buy a carton and corner covers from a moving supply retailer as well as from the local moving company. Be sure to purchase a carton which is big enough to fit around the TV with a bit of extra room for cushioning. Cover the TV carefully in some moving blankets, position the corner guards on and glide it inside the carton. 


The best technique to move your flat screen Television will be to ensure that it stays vertical. To make certain that it stays in the appropriate position within the moving truck, secure it alongside a mattress or something that is solid, like a bureau or bookcase. Make certain and keep the box of cables and components close by for quicker unpacking.

When you arrive to your new home, reverse the process and before long, your flat panel TV will be all set to broadcast the hottest super-hero flick or big game.

And, if all this sounds extremely mind boggling to handle by yourself, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group or perhaps your nearby moving company in Oklahoma City a call. They are glad to help make certain that your flat screen TV arrives at your destination unscathed.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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