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March 25, 2023

Moving & Stress: Do They Have to Go Hand in Hand?

preparing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving is usually one of the more stressful tasks you could do. It takes up your free time, and while it most of the time works out in the end, it might result in some frustration along the way.

As a professional moving company in Oklahoma City, we've witnessed all types of moves, both smooth and also chaotic, and we have a few guidelines that might help you steer clear of the stress of moving.

· Understand that the stress is present. Denying that you are stressed might make you even more stressed. Stress can be typical and natural, and sifting your way through it will require acknowledging it exists.

· Attempt to give yourself sufficient time to complete your tasks. It will take the majority of people two days to pack up a studio or one bedroom, three to four day for packing two bedrooms, or five to six days for three bedrooms. When you own a large quantity of stuff, then it will likely take additional time. If you require moving boxes, make sure to purchase them well ahead as well as have a plan for if you don’t have enough. Check with your local moving company in Oklahoma City, as they might have used cartons available. You will want to also allot a day or two to clean the home you are departing.

· Have a plan. Think about how you want to plan things for the ideal result. Many folks need a plethora of to-do lists, other people will try to install a moving app for their cell phone. Create deadlines for each and every portion of the move and set them soon enough that blowing the deadline will not equate to a catastrophe. Also, have a specific plan for what is going into each carton. Label your boxes clearly as well as consistently, in order to explain those labeling system to the professional movers in Oklahoma City. Label anything that is breakable. Plan what room things are going into in the new place and label cartons accordingly. Most professional movers in Oklahoma City will willingly set everything marked "K" in the kitchen for you.

· Do not hesitate to ask for assistance or hire a moving company to assist. You never have to do everything yourself. Ask your friends as well as extended family members for help. Hire professional movers in Oklahoma City for the heavy lifting, though, rather than banking on anyone's goodwill. If you’re super busy and can afford it, consider having the moving company in Oklahoma City to complete some or all the packing, too.

· Be okay to get rid of things. Moving can be an excuse to take a hard look at things which might be existing in your residence a long time out of sheer laziness. Should you have a beyond “normal” use piece of furniture, now could be the time to get rid of it and buy a replacement after you move. Old TVs that don't work? Books you haven't opened in several years? Something you totally forgot you even had? Sell the things you can and donate the others.

· Make sure to allow for downtime. Moving can take over your existence. Lots of people find they do not have time to obtain sufficient sleep throughout the move. Or they might not do anything but work, move, and worry about the move. Give some breathing room in your schedule so you have time to go out for lunch, take the kids to a movie, etc.

· When you are moving to a new neighborhood or perhaps a new town, be a tourist in the new city for a bit. Spend some time searching for diners you just must try and attractions you want to explore. List the diners and select one that is at the top of the list, then plan to visit the day after you move when you do not have your kitchen items unpacked yet.

Moving might normally be stressful, but these tips may help reduce the stress and perhaps turn it into an adventure. Remember that professional movers in Oklahoma City can assist with as much or as little of the move as needed, and your local mover in Oklahoma City will be a wonderful resource for all things from tips and tricks to moving supplies. Also, Don’t forget that this is a temporary circumstance and your world will return to normal in the near future.


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