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December 05, 2017

Packing for Your Move in Oklahoma City With Limited Time

Packing for a move when you don't have time

The going away parties are complete. The pets are at your mother's house until you move into the new place. You have one more week at your current job. But, you have not packed the first box yet. It is stressful, isn't it? You still have to go through the closets and basement to find things to give to donate. Not feeling inspired? Envision this: the last day. The next day, the moving truck will be at your house. You cannot be packing while the movers just stand around. Feeling motivated now? Let us assist you with packing for your relocation with these suggestions. It'll be completed before you know it.

Monday Night

Box up the bathroom, leaving only the toilet paper and your personal hygiene items. Place a clear plastic container with lid in the bathroom. The last night, you will place your personal hygiene items and the toilet paper into the container. It will travel in the car with you.

Then, pack the basement & attic. If it's an giant job, you could need a little aid, but getting it done is so very important. If the basement and attic are not so bad, then get them done and bring the packed boxes to the garage. If you cannot use the garage as your central box collection spot, then place them in one of the bedrooms you do not use every day. Clearly mark the boxes or clear plastic totes, so you will know where to put them in the new house.

Tuesday Night

Pack the closets. Put in a few boxes things you won't need again or don't like. Place those to the side, because you will be dropping them off at a donation drop-off the following day. Clearly mark the rest of the boxes or clear plastic containers, so you'll know where to unload them to in the new pad.

Pack up the living room or one of the bedrooms or wherever you have your personal office. If you won't be using it, break down the computer and its components or your laptop and tablet. Pack away any other office equipment such as your printer. Pack any books. If you won't be reading some of the books again, then pack them in the donation boxes. Clearly label the boxes or clear plastic tubs for applicable placement in the new house.

Wednesday Night

Box up the bedrooms. Pack bed and bath (if you have one adjoining the bedrooms) items in clearly marked boxes or clear plastic totes. Do not forget to take down the curtains or whatever kind of window treatments you have. You will want to launder everything that can be washed on the nights you pack the corresponding rooms. Your things will be fresh for the new house. If you purchased new things for the new house, then pack the old things in the donation boxes.

Thursday Night

Box up the kitchen. You can eat sandwiches from napkins or take out for the next couple days. Wash everything and pack it up. You might use your blankets and towels to place in between dishes. Put small vases and decorative bottles in socks. Wrap any paintings or decorative items such as candlesticks and figurines in thick winter jackets... or you can use bubble wrap. Remember to launder any kitchen linens like dish towels and curtains before placing them in clearly marked boxes or clear plastic containers for the new abode.

Friday Night

Last night in the old house! Go through each room and its closet. If anything was unintentionally left, pack it up. If all items from the room have been moved to the garage or central box repository spot, close the room’s door, so the movers will know that the room has been cleared, which will be a big help. They will appreciate you for it. Last minute things such as personal care items, breakfast foods and clothing for the next day should be put aside in a clear plastic tub.

Pack up your clothes, washing the dirty clothes. Triple check to be positive that all boxes and clear plastic containers are the garage or the central box repository location to make it better on everyone who is assisting to load the truck. Go through the garage items, packing away what will be going with you. Place in boxes things such as half-full paint cans, paint thinner, gasoline for the lawn mower and any other flammable things. Those will go with you in the car, since the trash will not pick them up, nor will movers move them.

Pack up the garden tools, lawn mowers, deck furniture and any gardening things like bags of soil and pots. Make sure that all the packing is complete, then go to bed and get a good night’s sleep before moving day.

When you work long hours, it's a challenge to find time to pack your belongings. Following this nightly guide will help get you packed up and ready for moving day. We hope it helps!

The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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