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July 13, 2017

These 5 Steps Can Save you a Lot of Headaches Before you Move in Oklahoma City

location signsWhen you know that you need to move in Oklahoma City, there are a lot of feelings that will knock into you all at once. There’s going to be a brew of excitement, dread, apprehension, joy, and a number of others in the mix. With all of this going on, it can be troublesome to focus on the job at hand, which is finding a new spot to call home. As a professional moving company, we’ve been helping people move for years which has allowed us to see a number of different angles when it comes to selecting a new location. We’ve put together a handful of tips to keep in mind to get the largest amount out of your next move.
  1. When contemplating a house or apartment here in Oklahoma City, be sure you additionally take the time to take a look at the nearby region to take in what all is there. Is it valuable to you to be able to walk to your favorite coffee shop? Do you require a grocery store within 5 minutes of you? Do you require quick entry to a path or trail system for cycling or jogging? All of these specifics will help you figure out if a house is in the proper location for you.
  2. Do you require supplementary sources of transportation? Be certain you find out where the closest bus or subway stops are. Taking public transportation back and forth to work grants a massive saving all through the year. Be sure that you have easy access to these locations from your possible new house.
  3. Get a rundown of the Homeowners Association rules and regulations if the neighborhood has one. Don’t be surprised by unexpected maintenance costs other than the standard upkeep associated with most homes. These dues need to all be factored into your selection prior to making the purchase.
  4. Apart from examining your own possible house, take a thoughtful look at the other homes in the area. Are all of the yards carefully maintained or are they a tad on the overgrown side? Is this okay with you? Are you going to be able to apply the money or time to keep up on the amount of work needed to keep your exterior in just as good of shape? You may need to find a somewhat less rigid neighborhood if not.
  5. noisy traffic in neighborhoodHow much noise is in the neighborhood? Try to hang around the neighborhood for a spell at varying times of the day. Usually you’ll want to see how noisy it is during rush hour, and around your bedtime. If you’re close to a busy road, you’ll want to be certain that the noise from the cars isn’t going to drive you crazy.
If you are certain to examine all of these items prior to making your purchase, you’ll be a lot happier when all is said and done. After you’ve settled on the location that you’ve been dreaming of, reach out to us if you require assistance with the move. Our crew here at A-1 Freeman Moving Group can provide you with expert local and long distance Oklahoma City moving services, packing assistance, and every other moving service you can dream up. Get started with a completely free moving estimate today!

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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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